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Under Cabinet Oak Paper Towel Holder

Thanks for visiting our page. This paper towel holder is made in lots of twelve to fifteen units. using a jig made here in the workshop just as our ancestors did. This gives us an almost but not quite lot of very similar paper towel holders.

The weakest part of any paper towel holder of this type is the joinery of the risers to the base. When fastening end grain to long grain special precautions have to be taken to avoid separation. If a paper towel holder is assembled without glue it will loosen.

The end extensions of the base are also necessary to add strength and avoid the riser striking the floor or other object directly. Sam's Treasures' paper towel holders are placed in the jig, the risers receive an application of glue, and are clamped in place to apply pressure. Holes are drilled and countersunk and screws are driven into them where they remain forever. The glue is allowed to cure for 24 hours before the finish is applied

We purchase 13/16" oak in lots of 100 board feet. For the spindle. two pieces are passed over the jointer and placed in the glue clamps for 24 hours. Then we mount the spindle in the lathe, turn it down to a cylinder with a roughing gouge then, using a skew, we turn the ends and notches, and finally sand it on the lathe at high speeds. Each spindle is then tested in an assembled holder before finishing.

The bases are ripped to 3" width and the riser stock to 2-3/4 width. Both the bases and risers are cut to length with a miter saw using a stop for precision cutting. After cutting the ends are laid out using a tomato sauce can for the base and a tomato paste can for the risers. We rough cut the corners on a band saw. We shape the bases on a power sander and chamfer the edges. We use another jig for drilling and countersinking the mounting holes on the drill press.

Doris then signs the bases using metal stencils with the company logo and the date manufactured.

At this point we sand and chamfer the risers on the power sander, lay them out with two pre-adjusted try squares and drill the holes with a 1-1/4" spade wood boring bit halfway through the riser. We then turn the riser over and counter bore through to complete the hole. Using a sanding drum on the drill press we chamfer and smooth out the hole.

Now the bases and the risers are placed in the assembly jig and assembled. Finishing is the final step.

The wood from the supplier, kiln dried red Appalachian oak has a certain moisture content. If that moisture content changes the wood will warp. Therefore we seal the towel holder with a stain sealer and clear satin polyurethane. Any damage to the finish should be immediately resealed. Always use a good furniture wax or polish.

We will supply pictures of this process as soon as we can take and post them.

Oak Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder (Shown Below)
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